a spooky sewing session

I’ve been doing some spooky sewing.  I bought a couple of stash packs a while ago: Timeless Treasures Glow in the Dark, from Pelenna Patchworks (one of my favourite on-line shops) and October seemed the ideal time to cut into them!

spooky 01

First photo only shows you four of the prints in the pack.

I decided to document my sewing as I went.  I don’t profess to be any more than an enthusiastic amateur, but I thought some visitors might be interested to see how to make quick triangles (if they don’t already know).    So . . . I cut my fabric into 5” squares (and cheated, having bought some pre-cut white charms).

Next, I traced a line at 45° on each white square

spooky 02

Then placing two squares right sides together I chain pieced my pile of squares, sewing 1/4” to the left of my line.

spooky 03

Having a furry helper doesn’t make the job any easier, as fabric begins to mount up on the other side of the machine, but when you have cats, you adapt ^^

spooky 04

Once the first seams were sewn, I snipped threads, and sewed the second seam, on the other side of my traced line.  Chain piecing again because it really is a time saver.

spooky 05

Then it was time to cut along the pen line to obtain triangles

spooky 06

spooky 07

And then iron fabric open, being sure to iron seams towards the dark fabric

spooky 08

You can see the 6 different prints here – all very hallowe’eny ^^  However, I decided that, for the quilt I have in mind, the ghost print doesn’t quite fit in.  I’ve kept them to one side for a different project – they will not be wasted.  I had 16 new squares in each print . . . so then assembled into pinwheels.  The advantage of ironing seams to the darker fabric meant that seams were all lying the correct way for the pinwheel assembly stage.  It was Avis who explained to me the importance of seam direction – she walked me through my first pinwheel blocks and continues to offer encouragment and advice ^^

spooky 09

This is the third time I’ve made pinwheels and I really enjoyed myself.  I knew exactly what I was doing so there was no anxiety or “what will go wrong?”.  What was new for me this time though, was keeping to a very limited colour range: black, white and a splash of red.

I love the fabrics!  The brightest fabric has little red spiders


And I also love the skulls


These fabrics are glow in the dark, so the white is more a creamy white than pure white, but I chose pure white for my solid fabric to really contrast with the black.

Next stage will be sashing.  However that won’t be just yet, as I have other projects demanding my attention.


4 thoughts on “a spooky sewing session

  1. I love the fabrics that you’re using Claire and you make HSTs/triangles look so easy. I look forward to reading about how the cats react, if they do, to the glow in the dark fabric.

  2. Love the fabrics Claire. I can’t wait to see your project finished. I have a pin wheel quilt in the near future and I’m taking notes lol.

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