SAL happy dance

Hello everyone – well it’s a SAL happy dance with today’s update.

SAL friendship quilt finished

“Friendship Quilt V” by Whispered by the Wind is finished – yay!

blocks 24 and 25

Finished size is 26cm x 26cm.  Stitched on 28 count Trento “natural” evenweave using DMC 701, 702, 740, 741, 722, 209, 327 and B5200.  The twenty patchwork blocks are all from the chart “Friendship Quilt V” (although some were modifed along the way) . . . and the blackwork designs are from the free e-book “Ensamplario Atlantio” by Janthé d’Averoigne.


Avis and I began this project in October 2014 . . . so it’s a lovely feeling to have completed it twelve months later.

As you know, there are 12 of us, stitching along together . . . and while Avis and I have finished this project, we will not be leaving the SAL.  We will start something new for the next update . . . and continue to enjoy SALing with Kate, Gun, Jule, CaroleLucyann, Cathy, Wendy, Jess and Jacqui.

So don’t forget to check out what everyone is up to . . . and come back for our next update on 15th November.


26 thoughts on “SAL happy dance

  1. Hurrah! A landmark event, an anniversary, and a major happy dance, all rolled into one. Congratulations on rounding off this SAL piece so nicely and so tidily, one year later. Lovely work, as always, and I look forward to seeing what you have to show us next.

  2. This came out beautifully, and I like your color choices a lot; the original looks like it says Christmas a little more than I’d like for a non-holiday project.

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