“The Analyst”–John Katzenbach


Happy fifty third birthday, Doctor. Welcome to the first day of your death.  When he receives this mysterious threatening letter, the previously quiet existence of Dr Starks turns into chaos.  This successful New York pychoanalyst finds himself suddenly forced to play a morbid game designed by a man who calls himself Rumplestiltskin. The rules are simple.  Starks has 2 weeks in which to discover Rumplestiltskin’s identity and the reason for his hatred.  If he succeeds, he will not be harmed.  But if he fails, Rumplestiltskin will destroy one of Stark’s 52 family members unless  Starks agrees to kill himself.” 

*  *  *  *  * 

Photo of the French translation, because that’s the copy I read, but “The Analyst” is a thriller by American author John Katzenbach.  And oh my!  Definitely a page-turner ^^

It’s not a gory, blood and guts type of thriller . . . it’s a pyschological thriller full of twists and turns that literally gripped me from page one, right up until the end.  Put a whole new slant on all the social networks, and how easy it is to research on the internet!    I take my hat off to Mr Katzenbach. 


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