September mystery and cats

Two more photos of the September Mystery SAL, organised by Hélène & Mahélia, that I’m stitching a month late.  You will soon see why I just had to stitch this design!

SAL Sept 03 Claire

SAL Sept 04 Claire

And . . . lookee here!  A couple of very quick, badly taken snaps – I was more interested in capturing the moment than in trying to take decent photos . . . Le Bleu and Abby, who both decided they wanted to get in the same plastic tray together (it’s the base of a hamster cage so it’s a bit of a squeeze lol)

Le Bleu Abby

and . . . if that wasn’t the surprise of the week . . . Merlin and Ducky, and yes . . . Merlin is cleaning Ducky and doing a thorough job of it too!

merlin ducky

Kittens are almost 5 months old now.  They’ve been with us since the end of July and I have to say, I didn’t expect to see such harmony so soon. 


4 thoughts on “September mystery and cats

    • isn’t it? kittens seem to have been accepted, although Le Bleu still continues to be somewhat aggressive towards Merlin. No idea why because Merlin is 9 and he was with us before Le Bleu ever came on the scene!

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