colour, cordials and kittens

I was catching up on some blog-reading the other day, as you do . . . and came across a video link on Lynda’s blog, Life on the Farmlet, that had me fascinated, and soon saw me searching for more videos.  Videos on Kaffe Fassett.

Crafters will know the name, and I expect many of us have some of his creations in our craftings drawers, since he is so famous.  I was fascinated to hear him talk about how he got into all the different crafts, and immediately shot across to amazon and bought a copy of his autobiography


I’ve only flicked through so far, but oh my!  This is going to be my bedtime book.  I actually wonder why they’ve put a dust cover on this book, because look what’s underneath


And just one glimpse inside


So much colour . . . just what a girl needs on a drizzly autumn day.

Speaking of colours . . . I was doing my weekly food shop and came across some interesting flavours of cordial.



Blackberry, violet and cherry ^^  Made in France, in the Franche Comté region, and what delicious coridals they are!  I particularly like the violet cordial which really does smell and taste like violets.

And last photo to show you how the kittens are growing.


Abby on the left, and Ducky on the right. You can’t tell from the photo but Ducky is a good kilo heavier than Abby now.  I’ve given up weighing him because my kitchen scales only weigh up to 3 kilos, and he hit the 3 kilo mark a few weeks ago already!  Not quite 5 months old yet, but both are starting to lose their kittenish looks and ressemble real adult cats ^^ 


9 thoughts on “colour, cordials and kittens

  1. Isn’t he an awesome designer? Multi-talented and able to bring that amazing design sense to whatever he turns his hand to. I like the sound of the blackberry and cherry cordials, but you’re on your own with the violet, it sounds a bit too floral!

  2. You bought it! You will have to give us a review when you are done. Pretty please.

    I have never had cordial. Is is sweet? Is it warming to your throat as brandy is? The flavors seem like something I might use in a splash over vanilla ice cream. Does this make me the next thing to a heathen? 😉 We have so many violets growing here in the Deep South, and I think most of them are in my lawn . Perhaps it would help my cause to pick and transform them into something I could give away. 😀

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