SAL “Friendship Quilt V” update

Needle is flying as the end of “Friendship Quilt V” is in sight.  I completed another two blocks for this stage

blocks 22 et 23

So overall view now looks like this

view blocks 22 et 23

Don’t forget to check out progress of the other ladies who are helping to keep me stitching in this Stitch-A-long.

Avis, Kate, Gun, Jule, CaroleElizabeth, Lucyann, Cathy, Jess, Jacqui and Wendy.  Lots of lovely stitching going on, and everyone is really motivated ^^

Next update on  25th October.


12 thoughts on “SAL “Friendship Quilt V” update

    • when we began this design, the original idea was to stitch 2 blocks every 3 weeks, then we slowed down because it was pushing things a little. However, we were both getting a little “bored” and eager to see this one finished within the year . . . so went back to the original plan on 2 blocks per stage.

  1. I love how balanced this looks, with all those different blocks. I can’t wait to see what you’re stitching next. Sure you don’t want to give us a hint? LOL

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