necessity is the mother of invention

Not that I’ve invented anything . . . however I have had to adapt these past few days. Woke up one morning and couldn’t move my left arm because of tremendous pain in my left shoulder.  I sleep on that shoulder which explains a lot. Anyway, without going into details, I have been somewhat out of action.  Rest (and pain killers) are the first remedy, so I’ve been getting lots of those.

Also been moping around . . . unable to get on with any of my machine sewing projects, and needing some kind of activity to distract me (one-armed vacuuming and dusting isn’t the kind of distraction I seek!) . . . and decided to see if I could manage some preparation work for a hand-sewn patchwork project.  While shoulder is out of action, I can use my lower arm and hand as long as I’m careful.

bee 01

And this is what I managed to cut out.  The print fabrics are “Let it Bee” by Henry Glass. The pink felt hexie is my template for fabric.  I managed to use my rotary cutter, only through 3 layers of fabric at a time, without it requiring too much strength

bee 03

I made myself a paper template, which I photocopied numerous times

bee 04

Realised afterwards I could have saved myself the trouble because there are free templates available on the internet, but never mind ^^

I had a stash pack of the “Let it Bee” fabrics, and managed to cut 9 hexies out of each of the ten prints.  The idea being, to make little hexie flowers, that will look something like these

bee 05

bee 06

I have also chosen two of my other fabrics: a solid “biscuit” and a pinkish print (bought from a seamstress flea market over the summer).

bee 08

And the yellow in the centre is “Maize” and will be for my flower centres.  I haven’t quite decided on layout.  I will simply start assembling my flowers and take it from there.  The reason I chose hexies is, of course, because of the “bee” theme ^^  I’m hoping to have something of a honeycomb effect.

So lots of preparation still to do at a leisurely pace. I need to finish cutting out some more paper hexies, and then tack fabric onto those.  This will be a nice little portable project. Something I can pick up and sew in the evenings, when I don’t want to cross stitch. No deadlines to meet, no secretiveness (although I do plan on making it for my husband, but he won’t know).


6 thoughts on “necessity is the mother of invention

  1. It’s the beginning of the end. You will do it, *love it* and suddenly it’ll be hexies everywhere and we’ll be Liking a whole quilt! I know what I’m talking about, here… What size are your hexies? do you need some bits of fabric to introduce some variety? Take care of that shoulder; when I had a painful frozen shoulder, I used pillows in the bed to stop me rolling onto it in my sleep.

    • I’m not sure how hexies are measured ^^ Mine are 2″ across from one straight line to the other (not across points).
      Thanks, but I won’t need any extra fabric, I plan on keeping it fairly limited in fabric variety, using the other pieces I showed and perhaps adding a “butter” solid along the way (which I have in my stash).
      As for the shoulder – yep, I’m sleeping in the guest room at the moment, with numerous pillows to keep me propped up.

  2. Lovely fabrics. That’s going to look so pretty. Hope your shoulder gets better soon. It’s not until you have a problem that you realise how many muscles are attached to it.

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