first figgy jam

Lots of firsts for me, since we moved into our new home.  I’m used to making blackberry jam/jelly  I used to make that by the bucket full in our previous home. Since the move, I’m learning to preserve other types of fruit and veggies.

Today I decided to cook up some figs


We have a fig tree in the back garden, and figs are ripening. Too fast simply to enjoy the occasional fresh fig, but not fast enough to really merit spending time in the kitchen making jam.


This plate load was the pickings yesterday, and I picked about the same amount today.    So not a great deal, but I knew they wouldn’t keep for long in the fridge . . . so I gave in and made some jam.

fig jam

I don’t know if it was really worth the time (and electricty) since I ended up with two 500g jars, and half a jar.  I’m not even a huge fan of fig jam myself either lol . . . I prefer my figs FRESH, but there is a limit to how many fresh figs a girl can eat in one sitting.

Anyway, ‘tis done.  There will be more figs on their way over the coming days/weeks . . . I might try a different recipe next time and make “confit de figues” which is delicious with foie gras at Christmas time.

7 thoughts on “first figgy jam

  1. It has been years since my mom made fig preserves, but we loved to use them to make homemade fig bars. Sadly I can’t pick them because my skin turns red and raw unless I use gloves, but they certainly taste good. You did great!

  2. Claire your figgy jam has got me singing ‘bring me a figgy pudding’, lol, I think it’s an earworm now. 😀 I am envious of you growing your own figs – I like baking with figs. Thanks for the link to the labels.

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