Christmas in September!

It felt like Christmas in September in this house, and not because of my recent xmas decoration making . . . I need to explain.

Earlier this month, a blogging friend, La Pie kikou was celebrating her 5 year blog anniverary, and holding a blog candy.  I entered.  And was lucky enough to be one of the seven winners picked.  Then sat back, waiting for postlady to bring me my little surprise, and wondering what it would be.

La Pie kikou does all sort of beautiful sewing and embroidery.  She loves to try out new techniques, and all of her creations are gorgeous.  She had promised a hand-made gift for each winner.   I knew that I would love whatever she sent.  What I didn’t expect, was to be speechless, when the parcel arrived.

Are you ready?  Inside the parcel there was

la pie 01

the most adorable little scissor keep, embroidered in the “Richelieu” technique. It looks like a stain glass window!  But not only the scissor keep . . . there was also the matching needleholder

la pie 02la pie 03

with some little felt flowers inside for pins, needles etc . . . but that is not all . . .

la pie 04

the most gorgeous fabric pouch, with zip and pockets inside.

la pie 05

a close-up on the detail of the fabric, quilting and embellishments . . . and that is still not all (now you understand why I said I was speechless!)

la pie 06

five gorgeous fat quarters . . . and it’s still not all Rire

lapie 07

a gorgeous bookmark (an Asian design with a cat) and some small Kinder choccies !!! 

I am amazed and totally in awe of La Pie Kikou’s gorgeous sewing and embroidery.  And extremely honoured to have been the recipient of such gorgeous, generous gifts. 


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