anyone for beetroot?

I have decided that beetroot is an under-rated veggie!  I have always loved a bit of beetroot. As a child, my Mum used to buy it pickled. My grandma used to buy it raw, and cook it up herself.  I preferred it that way, still warm, sliced up with a little salt.

Anyway, after the planting of all the usual summer veggies (courgettes, tomatoes, beans etc) my husband asked what we should plant next, so I said “beetroots”. We sowed our seeds and now things are growing well.  I pulled up three, only smallish beetroots because I was eager to taste (and because they needed thinning out).  Went on google to check up on cooking ideas and discovered that not only is the root edible, but the stems and leaves are edible too!  Now how’s that for an economical vegetable?

I never knew that, and would have just thrown the stems & leaves away, but since I discovered this gem of information, I duly washed, chopped and prepared.

I won’t go giving you any recipes here. I’m not the world’s greatest cook, and you’ll be sure to find recipes on the net if you google.  I just kept things simple. 


I cooked the root part in boiling water, then left it in cold water before peeling off the skin, chopping and mixing with some home-grown tomatoes, olive oil , balsamic vinegar and a pinch of salt.  That was our starter.


I washed and chopped the stems, before cooking them in boiling water and just added a tiny bit of salted butter.


Then cooked the leaves (after having fished the stems out of the pan) and prepared them as I would spinach: a spoonful of thick cream and some grated parmesan.


Those two parts of the beet, served up hot with a lovely piece of entrecôte ^^ 

I am still pretty amazed at how I managed to prepare that much fresh veg from just three smallish beetroot! 

17 thoughts on “anyone for beetroot?

  1. You were far more creative with beets (as we call them here) than I’ve ever been. I love pickled beets although my husband won’t eat them but I make sure I have a few jars on hand; we usually eat them and the leaves/stems as veggies. I like your starter idea. I’ve made beet jelly from the water that the beets were cooked in and it takes the flavour of whatever ‘jello’ one adds to it … strawberry, raspberry, cherry; and I’ve used it in baking. 🙂

  2. We like beets shredded raw in green salads, cooked with a bit of lemon and sugar, pickled, or the greens (ok, I’m the only one that will eat these) lightly cooked with a bit of lemon a salt. I also blanch the leaves and freeze them for later in the winter. You just thaw them and cook up with a bit of lemon and salt. I’ve also boiled the beets in the skins, shucked them, then sliced or quartered them into plastic containers to freeze and cook during the winter. There are lots of options for how to use them.

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