quick & easy tree decorations

I’ve got blisters on my blisters, all because of my darn pinking shears, but it’s all for a good cause!  Title says it all . . . I’ve been a busy bee and begun my annual xmas decoration workshop.   I say annual – it didn’t happen last year because of the house-moving but for 2015 I’m back on track.

I thought you might be interested to see how I go about things, although it’s all very simple. So took photos along the way.  First, (for those of you who are new to my xmas decorations) . . . I don’t send out Christmas cards.  It’s been quite a few years, in fact, since I sent xmas cards, as I prefer to send out little tree decorations.  I’ve used different techniques over the years, but what is really important for me is to have something flat & light, so it can be posted as a letter . . . and because my address book is quite full,  it also has to be something quick & easy to make.  I avoid anything too fussy, and don’t add embellishments, but that’s because I worry it would clog up the automated postal machines.  Charms, buttons, etc could easily be added to make these decorations a bit more special.

The following is a technique I’ve used for several years. The only things that differ from year to year are the fabrics. Yep, even xmas fabrics go in and out of fashion, so each annual batch is made with a new lot of fabrics.

tuto noel a

These cat prints, for example, are a few years old and were hiding in the bottom of my drawer, so I’ll use them to explain how I do things.  First, therefore, you need some pretty xmas fabric.  If you can find “vignettes” like these then great, if not other prints will do.  I iron my fabric onto to iron-on interfacing  and then slice up

tuto noel c

Then (and this is the blister part) I cut down to size with pinking shears.

tuto noel d

If you can’t find these vignette type prints, then an option is to use xmasy print and make your own template . . . a heart, for example

tuto noel e

Very easy to draw on the wrong side, even on dark fabric, because of the interfacing.

Cut out (I did that again with pinking shears).


You’re going to need felt.  Since it’s Christmas, I tend to go for traditional xmas colours, which match my fabrics and won’t look out of place in a tree . . . and you’re going to need ribbon.

tuto noel g

I cut mine into pieces, all ready to grab a length . . . I like variety, which explains the lot here ^^  Even though I’m “mass producing” my decorations, I do like each one to be unique.

Next part is simply to sew a fabric piece to a bit of felt, remembering to fold the ribbon in half and slide the two raw ends between the fabric and felt.  I like to match my thread to the felt colour, which means it doesn’t necessarily match the fabric on the front.

tuto noel h

Felt doesn’t need to be this big, since it’s going to be trimmed down to size

tuto noel i

And same thing with the heart shape

tuto noel j

tuto noel k

You could use a proper appliqué stitch – I just whizzed around with a straight stitch.

So there you have it.  I can’t give you any sizes since it all depends on your fabric and what shape you want to make. The essentials you’ll need are: xmasy fabric, iron-on interfacing, felt, ribbon, thread and a pair of scissors or pinking shears.

I’ve made around 50 so far Rire  and that was with green thread in my machine and green felt.  I’m now off to change green for red, and start making some more.

And, just for fun . . . here are photos of batches from previous years . . . in 2013

cat decosb

in 2012

3rd batch a

decos batch2

in 2011


17 thoughts on “quick & easy tree decorations

    • I am a bit early this year, usually I don’t start décorations until end of October, early November, but I have a “to do” list for xmas present which is quite impressive, so thought I’d get décorations done & dusted first.

  1. Wonderful idea, and so cute! I incorporated paper ornaments in my card one year, it took me forever! I might have to consider a more streamlined way to do it. I love how yours look, and I am sure they mean a lot to the people on your list. 🙂

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