mail, melon and kittens

Three subjects that are totally unrelated, but these are some recent photos on my SD card, so I’m grouping everything together in the same post – strange as it may seem.

First mail . . .

mail katy cathy

Summer is now over, and autumn is here, but post lady dropped off a summer postcard the other day from Katy and Cathy – thank you ladies ^^

And Christmas is in the air with a surprise parcel from Avis

mail avis

Avis knows I’d been having a hard time finding some nice xmasy fabric for my traditional tree decoration making.  So she did some secret shopping and sent me these two gorgeous pieces of fabric and ribbon.  5m of red and 5m of green with snowflakes on . . . 50cm by bolt width of the small vignettes, and 33 larger vignettes on the other piece (a Makower fabric).   What a lovely surprise that was ^^

That’s for the mail . . . now for the melon


This is one of our juicey home-grown melons that we enjoyed last night.  Had to cut out a piece first because some garden creature had started enjoying it before us, but that’s understandable – it was yummy!

And kittens . . . are growing so fast!  When we first got them, at the age of 10 weeks, they liked sleeping together in this washing-up bowl

kittens bowl july

In August, they still just about managed to fit in together (photo courtesy of Titia)

kittens bowl

Now, aged 4 months . . . the kittens have grown so much, but the bowl hasn’t.  Sadly Ducky now has to curl up alone

ducky bowl

and Abby gets to sleep in the cat tree

abby tree

I know her eyes are open, but I assure you, she’s asleep ^^  When I say they’re growing, they’re also putting on weight at an incredible speed – at least Ducky is.  Aged 4 months Abby weighs in at 2.3 kilos but Ducky . . . well he tips the scales at 3 kilos !!! Yup, I find it hard to believe and I weighed him several times because I thought my scales must be wrong.

So that’s it: mail, melon and kittens ^^


4 thoughts on “mail, melon and kittens

  1. mail and melons look fabulous – and the kittens – oh my – they are so adorable. But they grow up too fast, don’t they? I am glad you got lots of pictures of them along the way to being big cats. 🙂

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