proud of my perfect points

My oh my, yes I am proud as punch . . . proud of my perfect points

perfect points 01

Just look at those ^^ aren’t they nice and pointy?  And it’s not just a one off thing, oh no, I think I have mastered the art . . .

perfect points 02

perfect points 03

Okay, I won’t bore you with individual photos of all my pinwheels, but that’s what I’ve been playing around with: my “Somerset” Moda fabrics . . . and now I have 20 blocks

pinwheels layout 03

I haven’t yet decided how I’m going to lay them out. Maybe like above, or maybe not.

pinwheels layout 02

pinwheels layout 01

I rather like the last photo, but the first option will give me a larger top . . . oh decisions, decisions.  I think I need to play around some more, and pay more attention to colour layout before I start sashing.


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