a bunny happy dance and a new start

Recent posts could have you thinking that I’m spending all my time patchworking and not cross stitching . . . this is not so.  I’m finding time to do both.  However cross stitch isn’t so easy with two kittens in the house, so I’m preferring smaller projects at the moment. Less thread for them to play with, and easier to work on in short stints.

I’m doing a bunny happy hop this morning


Now how cute is that?  This was a kit I received for Christmas from second son and girlfriend. They have a mini-lop called Lucy, who looks very much like this little rabbit.  The design is by Fido Stitch Studio

Bunny has temporarily been photographed inside this simple wooden frame. I’m not sure if I’ll be framing it properly or whether I’ll make something else.  He/she does look rather good in the frame.

A happy dance means, inevitably, an excellent excuse to go rummaging in the cross stitch stash to find the next project . . . which I actually began the other night (before completing bunny backstitch).  So the new start is this


A kit by Vervaco that came with chart for all 12 zodiac designs but fabric and threads to stitch only one design.  I knew, when I bought it, that I would want to stitch all twelve signs, so I ordred in the threads, and also ordered some antique white 20 count aida – my plan is to stitch these signs so they finish up as small as possible, and then design a patchwork quilt around them. 

zodiac start

Stitching on 20 count, each zodiac sign will measure 3.5” square (or approx 9cm) as opposed to 6.4” (or 16 cm) when stitched on 14 count.  I’m thinking that’s a perfect size to make a central square for some Ohio blocks once I allow extra fabric for borders ^^

I’ve begun with Aries, for no reason other than I had to start somewhere lol.  I won’t be stitching them in any particular order. Just taking them one sign at a time until I have completed the set of twelve.


14 thoughts on “a bunny happy dance and a new start

    • I really like the limited colours in these zodiac designs – perfect for stitching with a cat on my lap, because there are so few thread changes

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