while I was sewing . . .

I had another excellent day in my sewing room yesterday.  The house was wonderfully peaceful.  Kittens had worn themselves out during playtime earlier on in the day, and even Rio snoozed and didn’t make too much of a racket as Juki hummed away.

When I came downstairs looking for my camera to take photos of today’s progress, I couldn’t help snapping a few photos of the animals, who were sleeping, while I was sewing.

0709 cats

There was Le Bleu and Ducky on the 2-seater couch, with Ducky taking up more than his fair share of space . . .

0709 merlin

Merlin was snoozing in the (clean) laundry basket in the veranda – now I know why there is cat hair even on clean clothes . . .


a not very good photo of Blackjack who was fast asleep on his bed, in the corner of our bedroom. I really must make a new cover for his mattress! . . .

0709 abby

and Abby had been keeping me company in my sewing room, adding cat hair to patchwork fabrics ^^

While they were all sleeping . . . I had been working on two different projects . . . chain piecing fabric for my “Somerset” pinwheels

0709 pinwheels

As you can see, I did make up one completely, just so I could have the layout in front of me. The others are now pieced as half pinwheels, but I need to unpick two halves as I sewed them the wrong way round.

I then got out my rotary cutter and did a stint of cutting . . . 2.5” bands

0709 bands

six complimentary fabrics in blues, pinks and purples . . . in readiness for a lap quilt which will be a Christmas present for one of the youngest family members, who loves “girlie pink” ^^    I am doing some stash busting for this project, except for the backing fabric which has been bought especially

0709 dora

I was delighted to find I had pink and purple in my stash that almost exactly match colours on the backing fabric and am really looking forward to seeing how this project turns out.

So, all in all, another excellent afternoon with Juki.


8 thoughts on “while I was sewing . . .

    • Abby seems to enjoy being in the sewing room – she especially likes to hide Under fabric as it comes out the other side of the machine while I’m sewing

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