secret sewing

I have been so productive these past few days, I amaze myself  lol.  I’ve got about half a dozen projects on the go, mainly in the patchwork department, and Juki is getting a real workout!

Not only have I begun thinking about Christmas – ah yes, that usually comes on my agenda early September –  I have also been busy with secret sewing for birthdays, thank yous, Christmas, and even house-warming.

Now, some of the recipients of these future gifts do stop by occasionally on my blog, so I will only show a sneak peek of what’s going on,  no photos of any finished items, because I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

There have been blues

D9P blue01


cats 01

Purples, turquoise and pinks

28 mystery

There are Christmas fabrics, there are more fabric trays . . . and . . . there has even been some serious quilting!  Yes!  I finally quilted my D9P top (the one I started in 2013) and I’m on the last leg, hand sewing the binding!

sneak peek

I’m half way there . . . it’s a slow process for me, because it’s quite large and not easy to work on with a cat on my lap, but I hope to be able to share my happy dance early next week!


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