Titia’s first sewing

I mentioned that I hadn’t had much time for crafting of late . . . the reason: we had eldest son and Titia to stay for a week, so we spent lots of time drinking coffee, catching up on chat and playing with kittens.

However, my Juki did get switched on, and crafting WAS done . . . just not by me.  Titia had asked if I could teach her to make a  little pouch for her mobile phone.  She has never used a sewing machine before and, while she does do cross stitch, her sewing skills are limited to sewing on buttons.

Now, because Titia had never used a machine before, I suggested she start off just learning to sew straight seams.  I explained all the important things to know about Juki, Titia sewed a few seams, and I then decided she was ready to attempt a practice project: a little fabric tray.

And look how well she did!  Not just one, but three little trays!



I did nothing, except walk her through each stage, and change feet or bobbins on the machine when necessary.

After that successful sewing session, we then set to work, the following day, choosing and preparing fabric for THE pouch.  Again, I measured, cut, and did all fabric preparation.  I also helped with some hand-sewing at the end (for the binding and to neaten up corners) but Titia did all the rest.  That is to say, the quilting, sewing on of binding, making the little band, and assembling the pouch.




As you can see, the pouch is quilted front and back and has a little band that fastens with velcro.  Pouch is lined, and even had a pocket inside for Titia to slide her student card.

I think you’ll agree that Titia did a brilliant job, both with her little fabric trays and her quilted pouch.  I suspect that next time they come to visit, she will want to go play with Juki again ^^


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