fruit glorious fruit, and some crafting

Fruit glorious fruit indeed!  Just look how everything is coming along . . . the grapes are only a few days away from harvesting

28 grapes

28 grapes a

Pears are getting bigger by the day

28 pear

as are kiwis

28 kiwi


28 figs

and melons


I never imagined, this time last year, when we were sitting waiting impatiently to complete paperwork to buy this house, that the garden and veggie patch would be so exciting! 

While camera was charged up, I also took a few photos of more crafty things . . . I have begun a new project with the “Somerset” charm pack Avis gave me for my birthday.  For the moment I have simply made triangles, thus

28 somerset

I’m planning on sewing pairs to make chevrons – but that probably won’t happen until next week. 

I’ve also made some progress on this small project


so the bunny now looks like this

28 lapin

While only a small design there are fifteen different symbols and mostly in shades of browns & beiges, so it’s something that needs to be stitched with good lighting.  I’m also still plodding along with “Friendship Quilt” for the SAL and have a secret patchwork project in the makings ^^  More on that in September. 

In the meantime . . . great news regarding kittens and adult cats.  Le Bleu has called a truce and is putting up with kittens, even going so far as to let them sleep on the bed when he’s napping! (sorry for bad quality – flash didn’t work)

3 in the bed

Merlin still hasn’t been won over, but it will happen eventually.  Adults prefer to spend their days in the garden, where they can get some peace and quiet. 

28 le bleu

I caught Le Bleu cat-napping on the garden wall earlier, and Merlin keeping himself clean.

28 merlin


14 thoughts on “fruit glorious fruit, and some crafting

  1. Your fruits are really great, they look so delicious and you can just eat them from the trees. Reminds me of the garden spot that my father and grandfather had when I was a child – my sister and me were like in paradise when the fruits and berries were ripe.

    Nice progress on your puppy. And great start of your quilting project.

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