recent harvests

Not much crafting going on here at the moment – at least not enough to be taking photos to share . . . so I have photos of other things.


Yummy strawberries from our garden . . . this is the amount we pick approximately twice a week. 


Delicious fresh green beans – again, this bowlful represents one harvest, but we’re picking  twice a week.


We’ve also begun enjoying apples from the orchard. They’re only tiny but very scrumptious.  And have even eaten two home-grown melons, but I forgot to take a photo of those.

Other harvests, but non-edible . . . I received some more bookmarks this month.  From Ghislaine

bm ghislaine

And from Flo

bm flo

A big thank you to both ladies for thinking of me ^^


6 thoughts on “recent harvests

  1. No wonder that you on’t have time for stitching or crafting at the moment. So much wonderful produce.
    I also have a small collection of bookmarks, and I particularly love the stitched ones.

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