“SAL “Friendship Quilt” update

Another 3 weeks have flown by . . . and it’s time, once more, to post an update on our SAL projects.  I am stitching “Friendship Quilt V”, along with Avis.  It’s a chart by “Whispered by the Wind” with a total of 20 different patchwork blocks in cross stitch.  Avis and I are stitching 25 blocks, so this means adding 5 extra along the way.

Here is my block for this update

block 19

I really simplified the colours and design on this one . . . there were way too many tiny triangles for my liking ^^

Overall view looks like this

block 19 view

Avis and I are going to hot up the pace a little because, with one block every 3 weeks, it’s going to take forever to finish.  So, for next time, I hope to have two blocks to show you.

Don’t forget to check out the blogs of other SAL members.  There are 13 of us, all stitching along and sharing our 3-weekly updates. It’s a great way to stay motivated.

There’s Avis, Gun, Jule, Kate, Carole, Wendy, Elizabeth, CathyLucyann, Alison, Jacqui and Jess.

Next update on 13th September.

15 thoughts on ““SAL “Friendship Quilt” update

  1. Not only delivering on time, but actually doubling what you do – you put me to shame with my snail’s pace progress on Anzac. This month’s block is very pretty, and I think you were right to simplify.

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