D9P cushion cover happy dance

I’m having a happy dance, more than two years after having started a patchwork project !!!  I started this project in April 2013 and it was my first attempt at assembling my pieces by machine. 

It all started like this

washed fabrics

This was my fabric selection, all washed and ironed . . . and then continued, with Avis helping and encouraging me every step of the way, to look like this (yep some lighter shades were added for more contrast)


And by May 2013 I had this – my D9P quilt top


and an extra block that was destined to become a matching cushion cover.


The quilt top STILL isn’t finished. It’s next on my list lol.  However, the cushion cover is.  And voilà!

D9P cushion 03

As I say, it’s taken over 2 years, but at long last it’s done, and I am feeling very virtuous lol.  I don’t enjoy having unfinished projects hidden away, and now the only unfinished patchwork I have is the D9P top. 

Anyway, more photos as I share my happy dance . . . a close up of quilting

D9P cushion 04

I used this as a practise piece for some more stippling on my Juki and also had fun with one of the decorative stitches around the outer band. 

For the inside, I used an old pillow case. No one is going to see it, and it’s an excellent way to recycle old bedding

D9P cushion 01

I went for my usual “envelope” method with velcro for the fastening so the back looks like this

D9P cushion 02

Now that I only have my D9P top in my “to be finished pile” I will no doubt be playing with fabrics this coming week and deciding on what new patchwork project I can begin. 


6 thoughts on “D9P cushion cover happy dance

  1. I do love a D9P, and you’ve got some smashing fabrics there – I particularly like the one round the outside of the cushion. I hope finishing the cushion encourages you to persevere and finish that lovely quilt.

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