a bit quiet

I’ve been a bit quiet this week.  All is well, it’s just that I’ve been somewhat preoccupied with family matters and haven’t had much time for crafting  – so no crafting photos to share with you.  A few hours playing with Juki, a few stitches here and there on xstitch projects, but nothing worth sharing.

However, I have taken a couple of photos this week . . . mainly of the kittens who are keeping us amused.  Abby has a fascination for plants


and so does Ducky


I am also pleased to say that with Le Bleu and Merlin there has been progress!  I was able to snap this shot the other day


Yep, Abby and Merlin eating side by side! The only problem – as soon as Merlin had finished his bowl, he looked up, realised who was sitting next to him, hissed and backed away.  With Le Bleu . . . he doesn’t run away, but stands his ground.  He is beginning to accept to be in the same room as kittens but only if they keep a safe distance.

Out in the garden, things are growing . . . we’ve had some cooler weather and some much needed rain.  Melons are looking almost ready to pick


We have at least 9 melons in the veggie patch and a different variety in the back garden.  Green beans are doing well although the main harvest is yet to come


This bunch was one day’s harvest ^^  I had to wait another 48 hours before we had enough to enjoy fresh beans for dinner. 


And sadly, this is a photo taken only yesterday


Yep!  Miss Moneypenny has gone all broody again!   I’m not being as nice as last time.  This time, I leave her in the nest box until after lunch, go and collect the other eggs, then pick her up and plop her in the park, closing the hatch door so she can’t get back in until around 5pm. 


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