Abby & Ducky update

05 08 a et D

Abby and Ducky continue to make themselves at home.  Both looking as if butter wouldn’t melt, in this photo, but they  get up to mischief when I’m not looking.  Abby rather enjoys unravelling toilet roll, playing with gravel in one of the large plant trays and catching moths . . . Ducky likes to eat flies, squash himself into any plastic bowl (no matter how small) and play in the litter tray (when he’s not trying to fit into a plant pot).

With Blackjack everything is perfect.  Blackjack is allowed to come up close for a sniff, even allowed to give them a lick, and kittens aren’t bothered at all.  With Le Bleu and Merlin it’s still something of a Cold War.  I bought some Feli-friend spray (pheromones) supposed to make our adult cats more accepting of the kittens but in order for that to work, the cats need to get close and have a sniff.  As it is, they still won’t go anywhere near the kittens.

I’ve begun weighing kittens on a daily basis due to worms.  I had noticed that Ducky was growing very fast, but that Abby still looked very small.  When I did a weigh in the other day, Abby had, in fact, lost weight and was down to 1245g (less than on her 10 week vet’s visit) whereas Ducky weighed in at 1340g which meant he’d put on 290g !!! 

I didn’t think such weight gain was possible in young kittens, but the vet’s assistant assured me it does happen. 

Anyway, I wormed both kittens on Tuesday and Abby promptly vomitted live worms – yuck.  Vet said to worm again the following day, which I did.  No vomitting the second time, so hopefully the treatment is effective but will need to renewed in 2 weeks.

This morning I weighed both kitties . . . and was very relieved to see that Abby had started putting on weight again. Only 15g, so she’s a light-weight at 1260g, but it’s reassuring to see that worms were the cause of weight loss.  Ducky (and I don’t know how he does it) now tips my very accurate kitchen scales at 1490g . . . so he put on 150g in the time it took Abby to gain 15g.  Anyway, here’s Ducky

05 08 ducky

05 08 ducky 01

And Abby


when she was probably feeling a bit under the weather, before worm treatment.

3 thoughts on “Abby & Ducky update

  1. OH, they are so cute! I showed the photos to my DH and now he wants to have a kitten 🙂 Last time we took home a new cat (older, not a kitten) our oldest cat was so angry so he got sick. Unfortunately that means no kitten for us yet.

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