two with one stone

Nope I haven’t been killing birds or anything . . . I’ve been playing with Juki and I have TWO happy dances.  I had told you I would be doing some serious sewing lol and today I finished off two small cross stitch designs. Both designs Mystery SALs  by Hélène.

I had decided that the June mystery SAL would be great to make something for my great-nephew, but I was unsure what exactly.  This morning I was out shopping and, with the “back to school” shelves already stocked, I found my inspiration. 


An exercise book cover.  Now Leo hasn’t even started school yet, but he’s old enough to want to draw and try writing his alphabet – so this will be a little pressie (for xmas – but I know Leo won’t be visiting my blog ^^).  I’ve used the same fabric for inner flaps and lining. 



And did some of my first stippling with Juki. 

The July mystery SAL was finished off in pretty much the same way


Only this cover is smaller because I’ve made it to fit a spiral notebook



A Japanese-type print fabric, to keep things “delicate” . . . and stippling quilting also, because I need lots of practise.


I hope you noticed that I even used the embroidery option to personalise Leo’s cover? 

Anyway, I had loads of fun today.  Sewing always used to be very stressful and often quite harrowing with my other machine as I never really knew when it was going to play up.  With Juki, it was pure joy. 


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