first sewing project with Juki and a happy dance

Today was the day I did my first sewing with my new Juki.  How exciting is that?

As I wrote in July, I treated myself to a new super-dooper sewing machine this summer, but I hadn’t been able to “play” because my husband was home for the holidays and he had other things planned.  ie, DIY, with redecorating the guest room. 

While I couldn’t sneak upstairs to play, I made good use of any free time I had to finish off the hand-quilting on my pinwheels project . . . so that was finished last night.

pinwheels quilted

And today . . . I turned it into a cushion cover.   The Juki sewed like a dream!  Really silent, even when on full speed, which is great because otherwise Rio (the parrot) gets too noisey.  I even used the overlock stitch to keep things tidy inside. 

pinwheel cushion01

pinwheel cushion 02

It is now sitting, in pride of place, on one of the new armchairs in our bedroom.  I didn’t show you photos of that . . . we finally bought ourselves some bookshelves (in kit form) and have set up a cosy little reading area in the bedroom.


This photo, before we filled the shelves and yes, I know, there are gaps in between the doors Tire la langue  We need to readjust the screws on the hinges but forgot about that, due to the redecorating of guest room.  Please also note – Blackjack toys under the coffee table lol.   Oh, and while showing you photos of our “interior” . . . here’s one of the upstairs loo lol.


This is AFTER my husband gave it some TLC and a few stickers.  I don’t have a before photo, but it was wallpapered in a very busy dusky pink floral before.  Not our cup of tea at all. I think we now need a new toilet seat Rire

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