kitten invasion–update

Abby and Ducky have been with us for one whole week, so I thought I’d give you an update on how they’re settling in.  We’ve had plenty of hissing and growling from both kittens and adult cats.  Le Bleu and Merlin are still not ready to make friends, and refuse to be in the same room as Abby and Ducky.  The kittens, however, are eager to meet the cats, and it’s sometimes a bit of a juggling act to make sure they keep a certain distance.

With Blackjack, we’ve almost got harmony.  Both kittens are continuing to keep an eye on him, and are still hissing (more for show) if he comes too close but that didn’t stop this happening




Yep, that’s Ducky in Blackjack’s food bowl.  I know a kitten shouldn’t really be eating dog food, but it’s impossible to keep a constant eye on him.  He did hop out so that Blackjack could eat too, but didn’t go far ^^

Kittens have been playing with their stuffed mice, and also (oh joy!) appreciate the cat tree



Playtime is usually very intensive, and always followed by a long nap . . . here is Abby in a favourite position


and Ducky, who preferred to curl up on the other couch, near my husband.


While all this is going on, Le Bleu and Merlin are out . . . enjoying the garden in peace



We don’t expect any miracles, and realise it could be several weeks before adult cats learn to cohabit with the kittens.  In the meantime, patience is a virtue ^^

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