spare bedroom : before and after

My husband has been on holiday this month and, as is tradition . . . we didn’t go away but spent our time and money doing some redecorating.  The kitchen and bathroom will both need work, but they will be jobs for the professionals and probably not before next year.  However, there was one room crying out for a complete change . . . the spare bedroom.

When we moved in it looked like this


That was the room at its worst, in December of last year . . . now the same view

guest room 01

guest room 02

Gone the rather busy wallpaper, gone the rather grubby carpet ^^

This was the wall opposite


The beach scene has gone . . .

guest room 03

The old black units have been given a coat of paint as temporary furniture – we need to keep our eyes open for something a little better.  And the other wall, before


and after


It’s a very satisfying feeling ^^  We’re now looking forward to having guests Rire


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