“Life” happy dance


Neither washed, nor ironed, but finished ^^.

This is a design based on original artwork by Jo Moulton and a kit by Design Works: “Life’s Moments” (ref 2482).  Stitched on 14 count aida, finished size approx 30cm x 30cm. I began this on 1st January, as my “in keeping with tradition” project and finished on 29th July, so just under 7 months.  The “plan” is to finish this off as a cushion cover, since it’s a nice square size.

We have been busy redecorating the spare bedroom so, I’m thinking, a few cushions will look rather nice in there. 

Other “life moments” in our house over the past few days . . . Abby and Ducky are settling in well.  They have loads of comfortable places to curl up and sleep, but no, they like my old plastic washing bowl


They had their first vaccination on Tuesday and a weigh in. At 10 weeks, Abby weighed in at 1250g and Ducky 1050g. 

Both kittens seem completely at home, and are busy exploring the entire house.  They still won’t let Blackjack come too close, but they’re not scared of him. Just wary.  As for Le Bleu and Merlin . . . their noses are totally out of joint. They do not appreciate this kitten invasion, and there is lots of growling and spitting going on.  The adults prefer to spend all their time outside, and only come in at night, when the coast is clear (kittens sleep in the kitchen for the moment). 

It’s early days yet though ^^


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