food glorious food

I think you’ve sussed out by now that I am only really interested in our veggie garden in as far as it is there to produce home-grown food.


Today’s harvest: pattisons, courgettes and a mini cucumber.


I’m not really sure what size pattisons are supposed to be harvested at, so there’s my hand to give you an idea of the size.

And some more strawberries.


Some of this has already been prepared . . . for dinner tonight it was


I sort of followed a recipe ^^   I cooked up bacon, onion, rice and mixed in an egg and seasoning to stuff.  And although I cooked up two, we only ate one.  Followed by


I think we’ve had our vitamins for today.

As for the courgettes . . . some of those have been “pickled”


Don’t ask me how ^^  My husband found a recipe on the internet . . . I do know he covered the raw courgettes in rock salt and left them to drain off excess water for about 12 hours before doing something with vinegar and herbs. 

We also had a few ripe figs the other day which is rather strange as I don’t think they’re supposed to ripen up until late summer.  Saying that, my sister-in-law has a fig tree (from Greece) which produces the most enormous, succulent figs and it’s always early – in July.  She gave us some of her figs, and I did a comparison with ours.


Our figs are the three smaller ones.  Skin is green, even when ripe and the flesh is purple and white.  Sister-in-law’s figs turn a rusty brown when ripe and the flesh is a totally different colour.  Ours look so small in comparison, but they were just as juicey and tasty as the Greek one. 

And something unedible . . .


We have a rose bush in the veranda.  It blossomed in May, after which my husband cut it right back.  Without me even noticing, it has been growing like mad and is in bloom again. 


So now, I stop to smell the roses on my way in and out to the hen coop/veggie patch ^^

Oh and hens, by the way, are all doing splendidly!  All three girls are back into the laying routine.  They’re enjoying their daily treats, finding the weather a little hot, but they have shade . . . and not only am I allowed to stroke Miranda . . .  Miss Moneypenny lets me pet her too now ^^ 


4 thoughts on “food glorious food

  1. I think the pattisons are usually picked when they’re about cupcake size – they’re called pattypan squash here because they’re pattypan size! But yours look lovely, and I’m sure were delicious stuffed!

  2. Love the yellow squash. They look delicious stuffed.
    I’m hoping to do some pickling and preserving if I get enough of anything ready at the same time. Your pickled courgettes look yummy.

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