I am the proud owner of . . .

a JUKI – yay!


Okay, so the first photo doesn’t look very exciting, that’s just the case.  It’s what’s under the case that counts ^^


A brand new JUKI HZL F600.  It only arrived this morning, so I haven’t had much time to play with it.  However, I did manage to switch it on, work out how some of the stitch selection works, and do some trial stitching on scraps.  She works like a dream.  For someone used to sewing on a basic Silvercrest machine bought in Lidl, this is something else Rire

It came with all the accessories . . . the extension table


which just slots on, or it can used without


There are 12 different feet in total, and the on-line shop I bought from also threw in some Madeira threads, spare bobbins and a BURDA sewing book


With manual in hand, it didn’t take me too long to suss out how to select stitches – and all stitches and how to select, are displayed on the machine anyway.


It’s all very intuitive (so far) and I just messed around on a few pieces of scrap fabric


There is so much to discover . . . I am one very happy bunny ^^


16 thoughts on “I am the proud owner of . . .

    • I’ll probably just make up the other mouse pieces I cut out the other day, and I have a few small xstitch pièces that need finishing ^^
      No lack of things to sew.

    • I will indeed Carole ^^
      Found out, after I ordered, that Avis has the exact same machine – so she’ll be able to help and advise if I need it.

    • ha! I have had sewing machine envy for years, seeing what machines other ladies have. Now I finally have a beauty of my own ^^

    • won’t get much sewing done over the next few weeks. Hubbie is on holiday and I don’t like to take myself off to my sewing room and leave him on his own. Holiday time is for doing things together, so sewing will have to wait.

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