how does your garden grow?

With the hot weather and scorching sun, the garden has been suffering over recent weeks. Since there seems to be no sign of rain anytime soon, my husband is having to water everything literally every evening. 

Some plants seem to be thriving, others are just doing okay . . . but slowly and surely, we are beginning to enjoy the “fruits” of the veggie patch ^^

A small bowl of fresh garden strawberries has become a regular occurance for dessert – at least a couple of times a week and it looks like we may be enjoying some homegrown melons this year.



We’ve got two small melons so far and plenty more flowers so that is very exciting as we’ve never successfully grown melons before.


We’ve got 2 courgette plants which are doing well . . . this evening’s harvest was


Should probably have picked a couple of them earlier but I hadn’t noticed how big they’d grown!

By the compost heap, we have a “Patisson” plant which seems to like its spot


and in amongst all those massive leaves are


at least a dozen of these “sunburst” Patissons.

We have had one lovely ripe red pepper from our little pepper plant (forgot to take a photo) and there are loads more little buds arriving


And the tomato plants (planted directly in the grass, without preparing the soil beforehand) are all bearing fruit with more flowers on the way (although you can’t see very well from photo)


We also have lettuce, green beans, sweetcorn and chard coming along nicely



It’s only the raspberries and broccoli that have been a disappointment so far.

In the back garden, the kiwi are growing bigger and bigger



I’ve given up trying to count them . . . there are going to be a lot!  And even the grapes are doing well


Elsewhere, fruit is growing (apples, pears, figs) but not yet ready . . . I guess I just have to learn to be patient.


13 thoughts on “how does your garden grow?

    • it’s going to be so great if melons reach maturity – the hens love pecking at melon skins and seeds ^^ They’ll probably enjoy the kiwi and figs too lol.

  1. What an amazing variety of lovely fruit and veggies. I definitely have kiwi envy 🙂

    I’m glad it’s not just me that finds that the courgettes seem to double in size overnight. One day you look and there’s nothing that needs harvesting and the next day they’re like marrows 😛

  2. What a great garden you’ve got going in such a short time. We’ve just had the coldest night so far this winter, and possibly for some years, at 3C. I fear for my tomatoes and zucchini, I think I may go out there and find them prostrated. Luckily it didn’t actually freeze, so the mango blossom will be OK.

  3. Your garden is amazing. I really miss our garden in England – my husband always had fruit and veg growing. It is like you have something exciting to look forward to every time you step into the garden!

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