when Claire meets Katy and Cathy

Last week I shared some excitement with you, after I was able to meet Katy, a forum friend, for the very first time in person.  Well yesterday I had another brilliant day, because I got to see Katy again AND meet Cathy as well !

notre trio 03

From left to right: Cathy, me and Katy ^^  And our day was such fun!

Now, I have a reputation ( no idea why!) of being a very talkative person  but I can tell you, that Cathy and Katy are just as bad .  Nattering started literally as soon as they walked in the front door . . . well actually it began before they had even got out the car . . . and continued, non-stop all day.

It just felt so comfortable having my two new friends to visit.   There was never a dull moment, and many many laughs.

We had all been frantically sewing in the run-up to our meeting.  This meeting was planned only a few weeks ago, and (without consulting) we had all been busy working on some handmade gifts.  Here are photos of the gifts that were given and received.

From Katy (who had already given me a patchwork bookmark last week) . . .

de Katy 05 07a

a wooden plaque to hang on the door of my sewing room, some hand-dyed threads for cross stitch and a “pumpkin” style pin cushion.  I wasn’t quite sure what the numbers represented on the top . . . so Katy explained the brilliant idea.  It’s for sewing machine needles!  How clever ^^

de katy 15 07 b

Cathy also made me a pincushion . . . complete  with some bobbins of 100% cotton for quilting or hand-sewing.  Also in lovely “autumn” colours . . . they both know that autumn is my favourite season – all those lovely reds, golden browns, and orange

de cathy 15 07

My work surface is going to be so organised and colour-coordinated while I sew away ^^

I had been busily trying out something new . . . and this is what I gave. . . to Katy  . . .

for Katy 2

and to Cathy

for Cathy

I had already given Katy a little fabric tray and needle book when I saw her last week, but I thought Cathy would like one of each too ^^  I had bought them a stash pack each, of the same fabric: “Natural Wonders” from Studio E.  Now that will be a challenge for them both: to make something (without consulting) using their new fabrics.  I can’t wait to see what they make.

And the note-books . . . well that was my busy project over the week.  A quilted notebook cover each (complete with notebook).

covers 1

Made using my scraps:  the black, red and white for Katy using scraps from my placemat making a long while ago . . . and for Cathy, using scraps from my veranda cushion covers.

covers 2

covers 3

covers 5

covers 6

covers 4

I had lots of fun making these.  I spent quite a long time working things out in my head before sewing.  Made a paper “pattern” with a piece of A4 for the right size, making sure the notebook would close properly (so adding extra fabric for the spine and taking into account the thickness of the cover with wadding).

I think I’m going to make some more lol.


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