preparing for kittens

Just like any expectant mother, I have begun preparing for the arrival of Abby and Ducky, who will be coming to join our feline family in August.  Now, we already have the cat tree – bought at Christmas last year and totally ignored by Le Bleu and Merlin.  I hope the kittens use it otherwise it’s just a waste of space in the veranda.

Today I went searching on the internet for some ideas of easy toys . . . and the one I decided to make first was the traditional mouse.  Martha Stewart has a free template to print out on her site. So I printed, and then went upstairs to my sewing room.


I got all my bits and bobs ready.  I had decided to use Martha’s template and also use another idea I had seen in several places – to make a mouse with “crinkly” paper inside so it makes a nice noise when pounced on.  Sweet wrappings are recommended, but we don’t eat sweets. I therefore hunted around for a subsitute.  I had some envelopes with the plastic window – that makes a nice noise . . . and I also took a packet of crisps with me in case I got hungry, and needed more noisey paper ^^

As usual, I didn’t just cut out the pattern once.  I cut out shapes in several different fabrics, and decided to use felt for the ears.  Now, came the fun part . . . sewing together and stuffing.  Oh forgot to add my wadding to photo.  Obviously, that is the main stuffing, but I put the plastic paper  in the nose and ears area.

blue mouse a

Hmmm . . . first little mouse in blue, with a pink tail and pink felt ears.  I think I sewed his ears on upside down lol and his tail is a little on the short side. 

blue mouse b

Okay . . . I cut tail a little longer for the second mouse and also made larger ears. 

red mouse a

red mouse b

and the two together.  You’ll notice I added little bells to the tails, just for some more noise.


Le Bleu inspected them . . . or should I say he sniffed, then walked off with his nose in the air.  Obviously he thinks they look nothing like the real thing, and he is far too grown up to be interested in toys.  

I do hope that Abby and Ducky like them, because I’m planning on making a few more.  From experience, I know it’s nice to have toys in duplicate because they often disappear under furniture or simply get mislaid. 

Mine are somewhat larger than mice.  I wasn’t sure if the line on the template was fabric size or seam line, so I used it as my sewing guide line.  These are therefore  more very large hamster size lol but they were fiddly enough to make.  I don’t think I could make them any smaller. 

Anyway, I had lots of fun ^^  And have gleaned several other ideas for more kitten toys that I will show you when I have time to make them.


11 thoughts on “preparing for kittens

  1. These are very cute! Will have to make some for our black cat as he loves his play toys. He has several “fish” that we purchased. The best part about them is that they are filled with catnip which he loves. I think I’ll dry catnip from my herb garden and fill his mice with it.

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