“Life” before backstitch

Life 13 07

I stayed up late last night, needle in hand, finishing the above stage of “Life” that I had set myself.  All the petals of flower are done and the pale blue on left is complete – yay!  All I now have to do is backstitch.  I already added backstitch to the first three sections as I stitched so I don’t have to go back over everything. 

However, there will be all the petals and flower details; the text; and then the dark grey/blue borders need backstitching both inside and out.  So, it’s not finished yet, but I can feel a happy dance coming on before the end of the month ^^


9 thoughts on ““Life” before backstitch

  1. You are required to occasionally sigh deeply and dramatically as you finish this, and say, “Ah…I remember Life before backstitch!” 🙂

  2. Looks great, what will you do with it once it’s all done? I hate the backstitching step, and I always wonder whether I should just skip it because the pieces usually look pretty neat without it, like a watercolour because of how the colours blend. But I’m never sorry I took the time to do this last step.

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