when forum friends meet

A short while ago, after realising that we only lived 60km away from each other, Katy (a forum friend) and I started making plans to meet up.  Yesterday was the day.

There’s always a little apprehension involved when you meet someone for the first time, after getting to know them over the internet. What if we don’t hit it off? What if we have nothing to say? are two of the common worries.  Needn’t have worried.   We got along like a house on fire. Didn’t stop nattering all day, and we had a marvellous time.

Now, before going to meet Katy, I wanted to make a little gift, since it’s the tradition among crafters (at least it is in France).  And this explains my previous post . . . about the fabric trays, because that is why I started sewing them in the first place – as a present for Katy.

for Katy

I gave her one of the greenish fabric trays, with two zany buttons, a little needlebook and a pack of sixteen 5” squares that I had been sent after placing one of my frequent orders on Pelenna Patchworks.  I thought the charm pack was a good idea. If Katy fancies making some fabric trays of her own, she already has a choice of pre-cut squares ^^

Now, for Katy, when she thinks of me, she thinks “bookmarks” . . . and this is what she made for me.

from Katy

a lovely “flying geese” patchwork bookmark in blues and reds. 

I’ll be seeing Katy again next week ^^  This time she’ll be coming to my house and bringing another forum friend, Cathy, with her!  I’m really excited ^^

Now,  I also have an announcement.   Katy’s cat, Téquila had 5 kittens in May.  And I am honoured that Katy has said my husband and I can adopt these two.


The one sitting on the scratching block is a little girl, and the one looking all cute and shy is her brother.  They are not yet 2 months old, and will be staying with their mum until they are 3 months old – to learn all the social skills any well-behaved kitten needs to learn.  So we will be patient . . . and mid-August these two little tigers will be coming to join us. 

I’ve already decided on names.  Want to hear them? 

Their names are Abby and Ducky (as in Dr Mallard from “NCIS”).  No doubt, from August, I will be boring you all silly with endless photos of growing kittens, and stories of  how Abby and Ducky cope with Merlin and Le Bleu (who are probably going to sulk for ages).  Blackjack will, I’m sure, be over the moon. He loves kittens and since these two have spent the first months of their lives around Katy’s dog, I think they’ll take to Blackjack quite quickly. 

So lots of excitement yesterday.  I met a new friend, we’re going to be having kittens AND I get to meet Katy and Cathy next week!  Isn’t life marvellous?


6 thoughts on “when forum friends meet

  1. I agree, meeting blogging friends in person is huge fun, and very rewarding. Since I live fairly remotely, I’ve got into the habit of Skyping with a few of them, which is also great, since no great travelling distance is involved and you can still do the show and tell. Sadly, it makes coffee and cake a bit harder…!

  2. Some of my best friends were met through a scrapbooking forum. The internet can be a wonderful thing 🙂

    I am very excited about your kittens and cannot wait to see lots and lots of photos and blog posts about them. They look absolutely adorable 🙂

    • I have met forum/blog friends in the past, and it’s always been wonderful, but they were always ladies who were just coming to Paris for a few days so it was usuaully just a fleeting visit. What’s great about Katy is that she lives only 60km away, so it wasn’t a one-off thing and we’ll be able to meet each other again. This coming Wednesday, for a start ^^

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