getting carried away

I recently came across a tutorial for making a little fabric tray using 5” charm squares.  Since I have loads of these little squares (mostly from freebie packs offered by Pelenna Patchworks when I do my on-line fabric shopping)  . . . I decided to give it a go.

The tutorial I followed is by Lisa and Sarah of A Spoonful of Sugar.


Instructions were wonderfully clear . . . and it got rather addictive. 



One, two, three . . .  eight!

8 stacked

Yes, I made eight little fabric trays in all sorts of different coloured prints. 


a lovely way to use all these pretty prints, with more subtle colours for the bottoms

8 bottoms

I really enjoyed myself.  It didn’t make me feel any cooler, to be sewing rather than cross stitching, and I suffered acute squeaky needle syndrome when stitching the corners together by hand but oh, what joy to have made all these little trays ^^


13 thoughts on “getting carried away

  1. They’re perfect for sorting and assembling things, aren’t they? I could see myself using them to hold reels, bobbins and feet for my sewing machine if I’m switching backwards and forwards between colours and stitches. Nice work!

  2. These are lovely and yes, I’ll have to make some. Was just thinking I wanted something like this to put my orts in last night when I was working on my sampler. Your timing is great!

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