I have mail !

I do indeed have mail . . . lovely surprise mail, the kind that brings a big smile to your face because it means someone thought of you (or me, in this instance!)

A lovely envelope full of bookmarks from Nathalie (who follows my French blog)


with a large selection from Alsace . . . a zoom on a few of those


which also have pictures on the back


I don’t know if Nathalie knows, but we lived in the Moselle for 7 years, very close to the Alsace border.  Both my sons were born, in Alsace ^^

And a zoom on the “Gorjuss” bookmarks which are simply gorgeous


So a big thank you to Nathalie for all these wonderful additions to my collection.

And a thank you to Avis, who knows about my kokeshi and Joan Elliott  addiction . . . and sent me this


A Joan Elliott chart from The World of Cross Stitching magazine.  So two lovely un-birthday surprises for me this month!

Oh and I forgot to show you more bookmarks that Lindashee and boyfriend gave me


lots in duplicate, so I’ll be able to share with other collecting friends.

Incidentally, if any of you collect bookmarks, and would like me to send you some of my duplicates, leave a comm and I’ll contact you by email for your postal address. The chance to get your hands on some French “publicity”  bookmarks – a chance not to be missed ^^


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