“Life” getting there

It’s not easy stitching with sweaty hands and a squeaky needle but I’m getting there with “Life”.  The last photo I showed you was on 23rd June

life 23 06 a

Since then, I have continued working on the petals and begun a little backstitch (even though the flower isn’t finished)

life a 05 07

I’ve also been working on more of the pale blue in the other section.  So overall picture looks like this

life b 05 07

I am working on several other projects at the same time (one of which is hand-quilting a cushion cover) so haven’t been stitching exclusively on this but I am making it my priority.  With a bit of luck it’ll be finished by the end of the month, and I’ll have the pleasure of deciding what new project to fish out of my stash ^^


11 thoughts on ““Life” getting there

    • all the beige tones are a bit annoying to stitch because I can’t really see the effect when stitching, but when I stand back and look, yes, I love the tones

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