hens 02 07

A day of celebration ^^  Miss Marple and Miss Moneypenny have finally come out of the nesting boxes of their own accord, and seem to be staying out.  At 7am this morning, the three girls came tumbling down the ramp and at 2pm they’re all still outside.  Dare I hope that the broodiness and silliness is over?  It’s taken a long time.  Fingers crossed.

If it depends on the weather, they could well decide to turn broody again because weather is very hot.

hot hens

The coop provides some shade if they go under the roof part, but of course, I was there with my camera so they followed me about.  Hopefully, if I leave them in peace & quiet, they will dig themselves a hole in the ground and keep cool in the shade.

I actually have two hurrays . . . not only are hens all out but . . .

whopper 88

This is the biggest egg Miranda has ever laid.  88g – I don’t know how she managed to get that one out.  Obviously another double yolker. I wonder if Miranda is trying to show off to the other two?  Give them incentive to get back to egg-laying and let them know they’ve got a lot of catching up to do lol.

Anyway, to celebrate, I’ll be giving them a few more chunks of fresh water melon later on today. They already had some for breakfast, but since I can’t offer them a glass of champagne, water melon will have to do Rire

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3 thoughts on “hurray!

    • my worry is that since it’s happened once, it could well happen again. Maybe I’ll need to buy some fertilised eggs next time and make it worth their while.

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