Best Layer of the Month Award

The egg-count has been easy, and very low for the month of June because Miss Marple and Miss Moneypenny have been continuing their “silliness” the entire month and only Miranda is laying.

miranda 1206

Miranda, laid a total of 28 eggs this month and we’re very very grateful.  

As I told you at the end of May, the other two ladies came over all broody and I decided to follow advice from the breeder: just leave them to sit on eggs.  The breeder said they would give up after 21 days, if not sooner.  However, our two broodies don’t seem able to count to 21 because more than 4 weeks later, they’re still brooding.

I have been making sure they come out of the nest boxes a couple of times a day for food & drink but they’ve been running back up the ramp as soon as my back was turned. I’ve tried giving them a cool bath in a big tub of cold water.  That didn’t help.  I’ve tried locking them out of the nest boxes . . . they just spend all their time scratching and pecking, trying to get back in.  I removed the marked eggs after 3 weeks . . . they now wait for Miranda to lay, and then hurriedly steal her egg to sit on.  And when I remove Miranda’s egg . . . well, both Miss Marple and Miss Monepenny somehow manage to fit in the same nest box, and they literally take it in turns sitting on each other ^^

I think the weather is partly to blame.  We’re in the middle of a heatwave here.  Temps are very high and it doesn’t really cool down much at night. 

Anyway, I’m still hoping the broodies will snap out of it soon and in the meantime, making sure they get some fresh air, exercise, food & water at regular intervals during the day. 


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