“Life” back on track

It’s not my life that’s back on track (since it never went off the rails) but my “Life” project – or to give it its full title “Life’s Moments” from artwork by Jo Moulton and cross stitch kit by Design Works.  I started this on 1st January, thinking it would only take me a few months, but here we are, almost July, and it’s not finished.

If I stopped letting myself be distracted by other projects, it would help. But that’s me!  Easily distracted, and it’s not at my age that I’m going to change.  Anyway, this post, more to motivate myself than to show progress . . . last photo posted was in May, when things looked like this


The “plan” had been to work on the flower but that didn’t go to plan ^^  Petals are rather busy with different symbols, all shades very similar to one another, so I need good lighting and preferably no cat on my lap.   I have made progress and completed the stem and leaves, as well as filling in a few petals

life 23 06 b

but I’ve also begun filling in another section which doesn’t require any counting or thread changes now that I’ve begun

life 26 03 c

This way, I’m alternating the more boring part with the more interesting part . . . but still have quite a lot of work to do.

life 23 06 a

The optimist in me would like to see this finished by 1st July, but I know that’s not going to happen . . . however 1st August might be a more realistic target to set myself.  Not that I’m in any particular hurry to finish, except that I do have a few other charts calling my name. 

So, lots of work still to do . . . I’m off to make a fresh coffee and stitch in the veranda. Le Bleu is out sunning himself, so I may get a few more petals done before he comes to disturb me.


8 thoughts on ““Life” back on track

  1. I remember how hot and heavy a cat in the lap can be, especially in the summer. And yes, they do tend to object to – or at least interfere with – hand work of any kind!

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