“Friendship Quilt V” SAL update

Gosh three weeks have sped by . . . time to show you update on my SAL stitching.  As you know, I’m stitching “Friendship Quilt V” a design by Whispered by the Wind, along with Avis, of Sewing Beside the Sea . . . and a very international group of ladies are also SALing along, working on different projects.

For this update, I have completed my 16th block (of 25)

block 16

overall view looks like this

view block 16

Don’t forget to nip along and visit the other blogs of: Avis, Gun, Jule, Kate, Alison, Carole, Elizabeth, Lucyann, WendyCathy and our two very newest members, Jacqui. and Jess.

Next update on 12th July.


18 thoughts on ““Friendship Quilt V” SAL update

  1. I agree with Kate, having blocks gives you a target for each update which helps with the momentum! It’s all looking rather lovely and I’m looking forward to see what you choose for next time!
    Alison x

    • it’s something of a surprise to me what will be for next time. I photocopied the chart, cut up all the blocks, and they’re in an envelope, so I’ll pull the next one out tonight.

    • thank you ^^ I thought I might get bored with these colours after a while, but I am still loving how they stitch up together

    • yes, I’m loving being able to spot the “identical” blocks now, even though your version and mine look so different

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