blue summer tunic

I am having such fun with my sewing machine!  After managing to make myself two pairs of PJs, I said I was going to tackle a proper top that I could wear out and about . . . and I did. 

blue tunic 3

Here’s a zoom on fabrics first, because they’re prettier than the model ^^  Two lovely blues.  The top one is from the Moonlit Sonata collection and the butterflies are from the Color Program range.  My blue binding around armholes, isn’t a terrific match in daylight (looked fine in my sewing room) but I don’t think I could have found anything closer unless I made it myself. 

Now for a full view . . . are you ready?

blue tunic 2

a back view first, of yours truly who really should make herself a hair appointment . . .

blue tunic 1

and a view from the front ^^  I am really pleased with the way it turned out.  My seams are pretty neat, my pieces all matched up nicely, and I like the slightly bell-bottomed shape the extra band gives to the tunic. 

A reminder of the pattern I’m using – the red one on the smiling brunette ^^

tunic pattern

Next thing to work on is: size.  This is still a little on the “comfortable” side, meaning a little loose around the yoke and shoulders.  I’m going to have another attempt using the same pattern, but doing it a size smaller.  Doris is wider around the shoulders and back than I am, so she’s not being much help as my dummy so far. 

Anyway, I’m having a whale of a time Rire  The most time-consuming part for me is the choosing of fabrics and then pinning and cutting out the pieces.  Since I’d already made this top twice, the sewing part was plain sailing.  I didn’t sew anything on back to front this time and it was extremely motivating to have made an item of clothing, from start to finish, in one day. 


16 thoughts on “blue summer tunic

  1. Uh oh, now you’re hooked! It is fun having a nice new clothe that’s all your own work, your own choice of fabric and colour, isn’t it? Looks good on you, so I think we can expect a couple more in different fabrics, what do you think?

  2. Lovely top! Not only will you like all the choices you get to make, but your clothes will wear better than the ones that are usually available for purchase. Hope to follow your example and pull out my sewing machine in the next couple of weeks.

    • thank you Carole ^^ I plan on making a few more, in different fabrics, to see how colour & fabric choice can totally change the look of a pattern. I have to say, I really like this kind of tunic shape. It’s just feminine enough to prove I’m a girl, but not too girlie.

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