I had two lovely surprises by mail . . . one by email and one by snail mail.  The email was from a stitcher in the Netherlands – a lady called Marietje who sent me a photo of one of my Chupin’s Xstitch design she had stitched up. 


This is “Sleeping Dragon” and he/she looks gorgeous in variagated red.  Thank you so much for sharing the photo Marietje – it’s always lovely to see my little designs stitched up.

The snail mail was from a blogging friend, Monique la Bretonne.  Now, Monique was one of the un-birthday gals for June . . . and she decided to send me a little unbirthday treat in return.


The bookmark is recto verso – this is the other side


Thank you very much ladies – I do love receiving mail!

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