“almost summer” exchange–what I sent

I signed myself up to take part in a cross stitch exchange on a French forum, the theme being “almost summer”.  Rules were simple: cross stitch a small summer themed design and finish it off however we wanted.  Names were put in a hat and drawn.  I therefore discovered who I was stitching for, but it will be a surprise as to who is sending to me. 

I was stitching for Calinette (she doesn’t have a blog).  Apart from cross stitch, she loves cats, and her favourite colour is blue.  Hmmm, not a lot to work with there, but cats, yes, I had an idea and blue, yep should be able to manage that!

June exchange 1

I stitched a Margaret Sherry cat ^^.  This design was “totally tropical”, a free kit in “Cross Stitcher” magazine way back in July 2008.  Can’t get more summery than that, can you?

June exchange 2

Sunglasses, cocktail, palm trees . . . yep definitely has a summer flavour ^^  For the finish, another pouch (sorry to repeat myself).  Quilted with horizontal lines on the front and vertical on the back.

June exchange 3

I even added a little wrist strap. 

June exchange 4


I made this pouch big enough to hold a 10” tablet. Not sure if Calinette has a tablet, if not she’ll find something to put inside.


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