happy dancing in pyjamas

Nope, sorry, ladies . . . you won’t be seeing a video of me dancing in my pyjamas and I will spare you photos too . . . Doris, however, will do the honours!

Yes indeed!  I have been busy over the last 3 days making short pyjamas.  I know I said I was going to make a proper pair of trousers this week, but PJs seemed more urgent.    As I’ve showed you before, I have a pyjama pattern (that I’ve already tried out for the 3/4 length trousers)


However, I like short PJs, so this time I cut out shorts – 2 pairs.  My next problem was that I needed a stretchy kind of fabric for the sleeveless Tshirts tops and I wasn’t planning on working with anything stretchy just yet.  So . . . I decided to use a proper tunic pattern to make my PJ tops (yep plural – I cut out for two tops).


The pattern I followed is the red & white one modelled on the lady.  Now, bearing in mind this was quite a leap for me to be tackling a top with yoke, pleats and binding on armholes . . . and also bearing in mind these are going to be worn to bed  I cut into some bed sheets lol.  I inherited a whole stack of bed sheets from MIL which I will never use as sheets, but they seemed the perfect fabric for PJs. 

Anyway, enough chat . . . time for photos.



Doris is doing her best to model these, but it’s not easy without legs and with a pole stuck up the middle lol.  I think you get the general idea though.  Mix and match PJs in two different bed sheets.  

The tunic doesn’t quite look like the photo on the pattern, but I think it’s a question of colour and fabric.   I could probably go a size smaller next time because these are quite loose fitting, which is fine for sleepwear.  Anyway tomorrow the Plan is to cut out fabric and make a proper tunic that I can wear out and about. 

Just for laughs . . .

top1 finished

There you go!  But you’re not going to see me in the shorts & my fluffy slippers Tire la langue


11 thoughts on “happy dancing in pyjamas

      • Fair enough… My fluffy slippers have a pink fleece lining and are a fluffly mini leopard print fabric outside, tied with a pink ribbon. They are so well loved and worn there are holes in the soles 😦

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