flea market for needlecrafters

Today, I had a lovely morning out . . . to a flea market for needlecrafters – yay!  I spotted a flyer for it the other day at the baker’s – an annual flea market organised by a local group of needlecrafters in a neighbouring town. Well, obviously, I just had to go, so I did.

It was in the local hall, and there were lots of lovely stalls to look at. Some selling general haberdashery items (they were the professional stall holders), others selling really vintage items . . . some selling hand-made goods, and others selling all sorts of crafting supplies.  I headed more towards the “amateur” stalls, and had no trouble at all finding a few bargains to snap up.

Now, although I don’t need anymore new fabric, I couldn’t resist when I saw the price one lady was selling for.  7€ the metre (that’s £5 or $8 US)  – a bargain!!!!!


Just look at these gorgeous prints! 

From left to right: 1.40m of “Winsome” by Nancy Halvorson a Benartex fabric, 50cm of a gorgeous green (don’t know what brand); 50cm of a Japanese Robert Kaufman; 50 cm of a Hoffman International and 50cm of “Verona Tiles” by Makower (all fabrics full bolt width) . . . so 23€ for 3.4 metres of gorgeous fabric.

Another lady was selling used dress-making patterns.  She had cut using the large size so they’ll be fine for me who needs the M line lol.


With the price of patterns, these were a giveaway: 1€ for the skirt pattern and 2€ for the trousers/shorts/waistcoat. 


Some vintage buttons which look gorgeous on my new green fabric for 3€ and a little vintage plastic thimble for 50 centimes.

AND . . . I bought two tombola tickets (proceeds of which will be helping to fund the needlework club for the coming year) and won two hand-made lavendar bags ^^


I could have spent hours having more of a look, and probably managed to empty my wallet, but my husband, who had kindly come with me, was sitting in the car listening to the radio, so I thought I had better not push my luck. 

I am really excited about all my buys, but especially excited about the patterns.  The “Plan” for this coming week will be to follow a proper trouser pattern. 

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