brooders still broody

It’s been 2 weeks since Miss Moneypenny decided she wanted to brood, and about 10 days since Miss Marple decided to join in.  We’re being patient, and following advice I received from the hen breeder – to “sacrifice” a few eggs and just let them get it out of their system.  However, with the recent hot weather, I was a little worried that hens wouldn’t be drinking enough, as well as eating enough, and I don’t want them getting too weak from lack of food & water.

So . . . we’ve come to a sort of compromise.  I let them sit on their eggs, but I go down to the coop twice a day and make them come out for half an hour or so.  They get all fluffy and puffed up when they see my (gloved) hands coming in . . . but they put up with it because I’m not leaving them any other choice.

broody 1206

Miss Moneypenny makes me laugh, because she walks around fluffed up, clucking and protesting all the while, but she’s also quite happy to peck at her fair share of treats before she trots back to the nest.  We’ve been eating lots of watermelon, so I make sure there is still plenty of flesh left on the skins for a refreshing treat.

broody moneypenny 12 06

Miss Marple usually starts out all fluffed up

broody marple 12 06

but then seems to forget about her eggs and is happy to take a few dust baths, and preen

marple 12006

However, as soon as she hears Miss Moneypenny going back up the ramp, she follows suit.  Miranda, in the meantime, is showing no signs of broodiness.  She’s happily laying an egg a day, and doesn’t seem too bothered that she’s the only one out in the park most of the time.

miranda 1206

I go and sit in the grass, in the shade of the parasol, and keep her company.  She’s getting tamer and tamer, and is quite happy to be stroked. 


4 thoughts on “brooders still broody

  1. Hens are quite partial to be tucked under your arm, with your hand holding their feet, and having their back and neck scratched and stroked. I’ve had a chook go to sleep on me while I was doing this…

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