sewing straight lines

I’ve been a bit quiet on my blog this past week.  The main reason – my SD card for camera broke and, while I can take photos with my tablet, it feels a bit cumbersome to be pointing that and snapping shots.  Anyway, new SD card arrived, my camera is operational once more . . . I can show you what I’ve been up to.

As the title suggest – lots of straight line sewing (no patchwork or cross stitch). 

After the bamboo blinds in the veranda, we have made a sort of awning. ceiling screen1

Not sure if it’s going to be effective or not as I bought two very fine linen curtains and just sewed them together at the hems . . . the thing is then stretched across the ceiling and held in place on cables.

cieling screen2

If this covering isn’t sufficient, it will be easy enough to go buy another pair of thicker curtains to replace it.

While on curtains . . . we also put up wooden fixtures and poles in our bedroom.  I chose 4 of these


but, of course, 240cm was too long and I didn’t want my curtains dragging on the floor.  So I had to work with slippery, slidey, sheer polyester and managed to hem all four curtains.


You can’t see my wonderful hems lol but they’re pretty even.  Very difficult taking a photo with daylight straight on but I think you get the idea.  And a close-up to show some of the pretty detail.


Since I’ve been having lots of practise sewing straight lines, I decided to cut into some fabric and finally begin my clothes-making project.  My drawers are full of fabric for patchwork, but most of that isn’t in large enough pieces for making clothes.  Luckily, I have another big box with other fabrics . . . delved into that and came up with this


I had a very large piece, left over from when I made a quilt cover for my daughter a few years back.  Anyway, I was in a “let’s do it” mood . . . read through pattern instructions (for the pyjama pattern lol)


and set to work.  Although it’s a PJ pattern, I figured it would work okay for a pair of cotton summer trousers and it said “fast & easy” on the pattern, so GREAT!  If I tell you it took me 6 hours you won’t laugh, will you?  Because it did Rire  I mis-read assembly instructions when sewing outer leg seams and ended up with something shapeless and totally wrong!  So, unpicked, literally pinned the pieces to myself to work out where everything was supposed to go (not really rocket science, since there were only 4 pieces, but this was my first sewing attempt)  . . . and voilà the result.

batik trousers

I’m not planning on wearing them as PJs.  I plan to wear them out and about ^^  So shhh, don’t tell anyone I followed a PJ pattern lol.


7 thoughts on “sewing straight lines

    • ssshhhh these aren’t meant to be pjs, even if I used a pj pattern lol. I’ll be wearing these out and about. However, pjs are in progress – I hope to show photos very very soon.

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