hot, hot, hot

The title says it all . . . it’s hot!  We’re on our fourth consecutive day of temperatures in the mid-thirties and temperatures hardly go below 20° at night, so we’re feeling tired, crabby and just plain HOT.  We don’t have air-conditioning in the house, so it’s a question of keeping shutters and windows closed to try and keep the heat out.  However it gets to be quite claustrophoebic, having to stay indoors all the time, in the dark.

My husband and I have been doing a few DIY jobs today, after some shopping early this morning, to try and make things more comfortable.  First, in the veranda, we have put up some bamboo blinds



These will help for part of the day, but not when the sun is at its zenith and shines directly down through the glass roof.  So, we have also got some more DIY to do later this evening, to rig up a kind of awning across the ceiling.  I bought some light-weight curtains for the job. Not sure if they’re going to be effective or not. If not, I’ll pop out next week and buy something slightly thicker.

The cats have been looking for a cool shadey spot to sleep . . . not easy when it’s mid-30°s in the shade . . . but here’s where they were earlier

hot cats1

Le Bleu is curled up underneath all those bushes

hot cats2

Down in the veggie patch, where we have the hen coop . . . things have been transformed into a little “beach” set-up ^^ 

hen pool 2

We bought a parasol AND a plastic tray for the hens in case they fancy a dip in some water.  The problem there is that . . .

broody x2

I’ve now got TWO hens spending all day in the nesting boxes!  Miss Marple (on the right) has ousted Miss Moneypenny from the nest where I had placed four marked eggs.  And I suspect that Miss Moneypenny is now sitting on nothing but straw.   Miranda is the only one outside, scratching and enjoying the new paddling pool and parasol.

This broodiness is obviously contagious, unless it’s just the excessive heat. I’m going to have to take action, I fear. 

Other more cheerful photos . . . I was checking out our kiwi . . . and feeling quite despondant because the flowers looked like this

kiwi male

all dry, and showing no signs of coming into fruit.  Then my husband told me it was perfectly normal, because I was looking at the male flowers.  “Just look over there, at the female flowers” he encouraged. So I did.

kiwi female

And low and behold . . . we’ve got the beginnings of kiwi fruit.  Lots of kiwi fruit ^^  

Anyway, I hope you’re managing to keep cool if you’ve got the same kind of weather as we have. 


3 thoughts on “hot, hot, hot

  1. My sympathies, I do know exactly what you’re going through! It’s at times like this where you become aware of the benefits of being slightly more nocturnal… You’ll find that the temperature drops slightly at around 3 or 4 am, and at this time it’s beneficial to open up the house and flush out hot air and let in cooler stuff, closing it up again after and keeping the curtains and windows closed. One tip for a cooler sleeping experience is to keep a water spray bottle handy and damp your top sheet slightly, which will draw some heat from your bodies to evaporate, and if you have windows open at night, damp the curtains too. I hope it gets a bit more comfortable for you soon.

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